Personal Training

Working with a personal trainer allows clients to maximize the benefits of their exercise routine. Our nationally certified personal trainers offer individual, partner, and group training packages to fit your budget. Our trainers guide individuals with various needs and goals, including weight loss, increasing strength and endurance, toning, reducing stress, sports performance, chronic disease management, and more!

Benefits of Personal Training

  • Individualized fitness program
  • Efficient use of your workout time
  • Accountability
  • Ensures safe exercise technique
  • Relieve boredom

The Health and Fitness Center's private personal training studio offers a more exclusive, one-on-one workout experience with a trainer.

Packages & Terms

Our personal training services are designed to provide clients with specific exercise instructions to help them safely and effectively reach their health and fitness goals. All of our trainers are experts in their field, and they all hold nationally accredited certifications. 

First-time personal training clients purchasing four or more individual sessions must purchase and complete a fitness assessment with their trainer.

Personal Trainers

Additional Information

For more information on our personal training services, please contact Mallory Lefler at 501-450-9292, ext 309 or fill out the form below:

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