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Our spacious group exercise and cycling studios host dozens of weekly group exercise classes, including indoor cycling, weight training, yoga, Zumba®, and more! You’re sure to find your place in these classes taught by nationally certified instructors while meeting other like-minded individuals. 

Class Descriptions

Core | 25 minutes of core work (abdominals, low back and high glute strengthening moves.)

360 Strength | Challenge your entire body in this effective, safe & comprehensive strength workout. Dumbbells, bodyweight & more will be used to move your body in all planes of fitness. Get ready to become stronger & test your limits with strength, cardio bursts and core work!

Bike then Barre | Experience a 40-minute challenging ride, followed by a 10-minute Barre finisher series for your lower body using the bike as your barre!

Conditioning & Strength | Look forward to conditioning and sculpting your whole body in this energizing and fun class based on movement! Three circuits designed to raise your heart rate and strengthen your muscles. Weights, bands, gliders, steps, and the like—the class never gets boring!

Cycle | Come ready to climb, sprint, and train to incredible music – all while on stationary bike! 

Cycle Beats | This format includes choreographed moves on the bike, to the beat of the music! Be ready for a party on the bike with tap backs, pushups, and crosses.

Fine Tuning | Fine-tune every muscle group in your body with endurance-based strength work using body weight, light weights. gliding discs and versa loops! You will leave this class fully fine-tuned and feeling good! Geared towards intermediate to advanced fitness levels.

Full Body Sweat | This 45-minute format offers a combination of strength with bursts of HIIT (high intensity interval training.)

HIGH Fitness | Choreographed interval training with intense cardio peaks and toning tracks pushes your heart rate and greatly improves your strength. Come jam out to songs you know and love, while taking your overall fitness to the next level! 

HIIT + Stretch | This format offers high intensity interval training to challenge your strength, speed, power and agility! Be ready to hit the floor and push yourself to the max, then stay for a 15-minute stretch.

Pilates & Mindful Pilates | Mat-based Pilates class focuses on strength, stability, posture, proper breath control, and flexibility. Each class will work to balance all muscle groups' strength and flexibility, with an emphasis on challenging the core muscles with each movement.

Power Push | Work up a sweat with this effective calorie-burning combo utilizing dumbbells & bodyweight! A fast-paced class designed to engage all muscle groups. Minimal rest, all-out effort.

Silver Strong | Have fun and move to the music through a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of movement, and activity for daily living.

Step | Step is a great cardio option that tones your glutes and legs while building stamina & endurance! This energizing workout uses a step and risers.

The Grind | Anything goes in this class geared for intermediate to advanced fitness levels.

Unwind Yoga | Come ready to unwind your mind, body and spirit in this gentle, restorative style yoga format. All levels.

Yoga | Classes will include building strength in the core, balance in the body, as well as increasing flexibility and range of motion. Calm your mind, feel alive and revived.

Zumba® | Let’s dance! A total workout, combining all elements of fitness – cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility, boosted energy and a serious dose of awesome each time you leave class!

  • All cycle classes will be held in the spin studio on level 1
  • The GRIND will be held on the multifunctional area on level 1
  • All other classes will be held in the group exercise studio on level 1
  • Kids age 11-13 may attend classes with parent           
  • The schedule is subject to change monthly based on attendance & instructor availability





































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