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Please contact the Health and Fitness Center for any information regarding our services, programs, classes, memberships, or any questions you may have. You may reach the Health and Fitness Center by filling out the form below or calling 501-450-9292.

Please Note: We cannot accept account changes, including membership cancellations, with this form. Visit our Current Member Information section for complete details on account changes.

Jeramie Hinojosa
[email protected]
501-450-9292 ext. 311

Member Experience Manager
Amanda Castillo
[email protected]
501-450-9292 ext. 306

Fitness Manager
Mallory Lefler
[email protected]
501-450-9292 ext. 309

Human Sports Performance Program Manager
Erika Setzler
[email protected]
501-450-9292 ext. 305

Business Office & Membership Coordinator
Reed Gotcher
[email protected]
501-450-9292 ext. 302

Aquatics Coordinator
Kyle Shunkey
[email protected]
501-450-9292 ext. 308

Fitness Coordinator
Ruston Predmore
[email protected]
501-450-9292 ext. 312

Play Center Supervisor
Michaela Haney
[email protected]
501-450-9292 ext. 316

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