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HFC Youth Sports Performance Training

We are thrilled to offer Youth Sports Performance Training! This program is led by Erika Setzler, MS, ACSM-CPT, Human Performance Program Manager and former collegiate runner/USA Triathlete team member.

Upcoming 4-week sessions include:
February 5 - 29
March 5 - April 4 *the group will not meet March 19 and 21
Ages 8 - 10 will train from 4:00 - 4:45 pm and ages 11 - 13 will train from 5:00 - 5:45 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
The cost is $100 for members and $125 for non-members.

We are also excited to announce a special offering during spring break! We will offer three one-day camps that will each focus on a different specialty:
Monday, March 18 | Strength | Designed to improve overall conditioning, power, flexibility, and injury prevention.
Tuesday, March 19 | Speed | Designed to improve acceleration, deceleration, range of motion, and endurance.
Wednesday, March 20 | Agility & Reaction | Designed to improve balance, coordination, reaction time, and cognitive performance.

Ages 8 - 11 will train from 1:00 – 2:00 pm and ages 12 - 15 will train from 2:30 – 3:30 pm.
The cost for each specialty is $20 for members and $25 for non-members.

Registration is available via the front desk, or members can utilize the Health & Fitness Center mobile app. A limited number of participants will be accepted into segmented age groups for better individualized instruction.
If you would like more information, please call Erika Setzler at 501-450-9292, ext. 305.

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